100m is a Sport played by the Heroes in Mario and Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games and Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games. It is a Running Race to see the fastest runner. In the 3DS Version, these are one of the sports played in the Entrance Exam and also one of the Athletic Sports or Track and Field Sports. It is played with the stylus in the DS version and the letter buttons (A, B, Y, X) in the 3DS version.



  • Wario: Cross the finish line while lunging forward and come in 2nd Place! (Lift up, then slide right when you see the "!" indicator.)
  • Blaze: Finish with 0.5 seconds of Peach!
  • Sonic: Perform a successful starting dash and finish in 1st place!
  • Shadow: Don't let Sonic pass you!
  • Mario: Beat Sonic on his fastest speed


  • Mario: Beat Sonic
  • Amy: Get in 1st Place with a Perfect Start
  • Sonic: Same as Amy's Mission but on GO
  • Shadow: Beat Sonic


Mario: Beat Imposter Sonic