Mario and Sonic have thousands of items, and here are the ones so far!

Mushrooms       Mushrooms are in every Mario video game so far! Mario is Standard Mario at the beginning of a game. (Not Super mario galaxy.) As Standard mario, you're the size of a toddler. But if you look, in a mystery box, you might get a Mushroom. Just touch the Mushroom, and Mario will eat it. This will increase his size to an adult size.

Fire flowers       If you're the size of an adult, you're Super mario. If you get an item from a Mushroom's mystery box, it will turn into a Fire flower. Once you eat it, your overalls will turn red and your outfit white. Then, if you tap the run button, you can shoot fire balls! This can damage a boss, or kill a weak enemy. But once you're touched by a boss or an enemy, you'll turn back into Super mario.

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