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World 1-5 (New Super Mario Bros. Wii)World 1-6 (New Super Mario Bros. Wii)World 1-Castle (New Super Mario Bros. Wii)
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File:1-t2.jpgFile:2-1 nsmbw.pngFile:2-6 NSMBW.jpg
File:2-C Boss NSMBW.jpgFile:2-C NSMBW.jpgFile:2TK.png
File:2tkm.jpgFile:2tks.jpgFile:3-1 nsmbw.jpg
File:3-2 NSMBW.jpgFile:Acorn Plains.jpgFile:Acorn Plains Way.png
File:Alpha kretin.gifFile:Battlefield.jpgFile:Birdo Mario Party 8.jpg
File:Blizzard midbus.jpgFile:Blooper Mario Party 8.jpgFile:Boe.jpg
File:Boo.jpgFile:Boo Mario Party 8.jpgFile:Boom Boom NSMBU 1.jpg
File:Bowser.jpgFile:Bowser Castle MK7 Layout.jpgFile:Bowser Castle MK7 Map.png
File:Bowser Memory L.jpgFile:Bowser brawl.jpgFile:Bowser memory m.png
File:Bowser zelda.jpgFile:Broggy.jpgFile:Broque.jpg
File:Burt.jpgFile:Chakron.jpgFile:Cheep Cheep Lagoon.jpg
File:Cheep Cheep Lagoon Map.pngFile:Colours tails1.pngFile:Crushing Cogs Tower.jpg
File:DK Jungle Layout MK7.pngFile:DK Jungle Map.pngFile:DK Mario Party 8.jpg
File:DS Airship Fortress.jpgFile:DS DK Pass.pngFile:DS Luigi Mansion.jpg
File:DS Waluigi Pinball.pngFile:Daisy Hills.pngFile:Daisy Hills Map.jpg
File:Dark Fawful.jpgFile:Dark bowser.jpgFile:Dark fawful core.jpg
File:Dark star.jpgFile:Dedede.jpgFile:Delfino Plaza.jpg
File:Dk.jpgFile:Dk2.jpgFile:Dry Bones Mario Party 8.jpg
File:Falco Brawl.jpgFile:Falcon Brawl.jpgFile:Final destination.jpg
File:Forum new.gifFile:Fox.jpgFile:GBA Bowser Castle 1.jpg
File:GCN Daisy Cruiser.pngFile:GCN Dino Dino Jungle.pngFile:Gale boomerang.jpg
File:Galleom vs. lucas and pokemon trainer.jpgFile:Game & Watch.jpgFile:Ganon.jpg
File:Hammer Bro. Mario Party 8.jpgFile:Hero's Bow.jpgFile:Icb.jpg
File:Koopalings.jpgFile:Landmaster Ignition.pngFile:Landmaster Ignition Gameplay.jpg
File:Larry.pngFile:Larry koopa boss fight 2 nsmbwii.pngFile:Lemmy.png
File:Lemmysmb3.jpgFile:Link.jpgFile:Link yoshi.jpg
File:Lucario Brawl.jpgFile:Lucas.jpgFile:LucasBrawl.jpg
File:Luigi3.pngFile:Luigi4.pngFile:Luigi Mario Party 8.jpg
File:Luigi fireball.jpgFile:Luigi super jump punch.jpgFile:MC Ballyhoo and Top Hat.png
File:MK7 Rainbow Road Map.pngFile:MP8.jpgFile:MP9.jpg
File:MPDS Bowser.jpgFile:M and L RPG 3.jpgFile:M and S3.png
File:M and S 3.jpgFile:Maka Wuhu Layout MK7.pngFile:Maka Wuhu Map.png
File:Mario.jpgFile:Mario Fludd.jpgFile:Mario Kart 7 Bowser.jpg
File:Mario Kart 7 DK.jpgFile:Mario Kart 7 Honey Queen.jpgFile:Mario Kart 7 Koopa.jpg
File:Mario Kart 7 Lakitu.jpgFile:Mario Kart 7 Luigi.jpgFile:Mario Kart 7 Mario.jpg
File:Mario Kart 7 Metal Mario.jpgFile:Mario Kart 7 Mii.jpgFile:Mario Kart 7 Peach.jpg
File:Mario Kart 7 Shy Guy.pngFile:Mario Kart 7 Toad.pngFile:Mario Kart 7 Wario.jpg
File:Mario Kart 7 Wiggler.jpgFile:Mario Kart 7 Yoshi.pngFile:Mario Mario Party 8.jpg
File:Mario Party DS.jpgFile:Mario Party DS Bowser, Jr..jpgFile:Mario Party DS Daisy.jpg
File:Mario Party DS Hammer Bro..jpgFile:Mario Party DS Kamek.jpgFile:Mario Party DS Koopa.png
File:Mario Party DS Koopa Krag.pngFile:Mario Party DS Luigi.jpgFile:Mario Party DS Mario.jpg
File:Mario Party DS Peach.jpgFile:Mario Party DS Piranha Plant.pngFile:Mario Party DS Toadette.png
File:Mario Party DS Wario.jpgFile:Mario Party DS Wiggler.jpgFile:Mario Party DS Yoshi.jpg
File:Mario and kirby.jpgFile:Mario and luigi.jpgFile:Mario bros.jpg
File:Mario cape.pngFile:Mario circuit.jpgFile:Mario circuit brawl.jpg
File:Mario circuit map.pngFile:Mario finale.jpgFile:Mario fireball.jpg
File:Mario kart 7 daisy.jpgFile:Mario kart 7 rosalina.jpgFile:Mario melee.jpg
File:Mario party ds dry bones.pngFile:Mario snapshot.pngFile:Mario ssb.gif
File:Mario super jump punch.jpgFile:Marth Brawl.jpgFile:Marth snapshot.png
File:Meta ridley.jpgFile:Metaknight.jpgFile:Midbus.jpg
File:Mushroom Heights.jpgFile:Music Park Layout.pngFile:Music Park Map.png
File:N64 Kilimari Desert.jpgFile:N64 Koopa Beach.jpgFile:N64 Luigi Raceway.jpg
File:NSMB2.jpgFile:NSMB2 Iggy.jpgFile:NSMB2 Larry.jpg
File:NSMB2 Lemmy.pngFile:NSMB2 Ludwig.jpgFile:NSMB2 Morton.png
File:NSMB2 Wendy.pngFile:NSMBU.pngFile:NSMBW.png
File:NSMBW 2-3.jpgFile:NSMBW 2-4.jpgFile:NSMBW 2-5.jpg
File:NSMBW 2-T.pngFile:Neo Bowser City Layout MK7.pngFile:Neo Bowser City Map MK7.png
File:Ness.jpgFile:New Super Mario Bros. Box.jpgFile:New Super Mario Bros. U artwork - Mario & Yoshi 1.png
File:New super mario bros.jpgFile:Nsmb2 cover.jpgFile:Nsmb intro.jpg
File:Nsmbw-prologue.pngFile:Nsmbw.jpgFile:Nsmbw 2-2.jpg
File:Olimar Pikmin.jpgFile:Part 2.jpgFile:Peach.jpg
File:Peach Mario Party 8.pngFile:Peach brawl.jpgFile:Pikachu brawl.jpg
File:Pikachu snapshot.pngFile:Pink Ball Repulsion.pngFile:Pink Ball Repulsion Gameplay.jpg
File:Piranha plant slide layout mk7.pngFile:Piranha plant slide map mk7.pngFile:Pit.jpg
File:Pit brawl.jpgFile:Pokemon.jpgFile:Rainbow Road MK7 Layout.png
File:Research facility.jpgFile:Rob.jpgFile:Rock rock mountain layout mk7.png
File:Rock rock mountain map mk7.pngFile:Roger.jpgFile:Rosalina Ice World MK7.png
File:Rosalina Ice World MK7 Map.pngFile:Roy.jpgFile:Roy.png
File:Roy battle nsmbw 1.jpgFile:Ruins.jpgFile:Rumble Falls Brawl.jpg
File:SM3DLAND1-1.pngFile:SNES Mario Circuit 2.pngFile:SNES Rainbow Road.jpg
File:Sea Pipe Statue.gifFile:Sea of Clouds.pngFile:Shiek.jpg
File:Shy guy bazaar.jpgFile:Shy guy bazaar map.pngFile:Snake.jpg
File:Snake Brawl.jpgFile:Sonic.jpgFile:Sonic Brawl.jpg
File:Spin Attack Link.jpgFile:Ssbb cover.jpgFile:SubspaceGunship.jpg
File:Super Mario 3D Land.jpgFile:Super Smash Bros. Brawl.jpgFile:Super mario 3D land.jpg
File:Tea party.jpgFile:The Great Maze.jpgFile:The Jungle.jpg
File:The Lake.jpgFile:The canyon.jpgFile:The path to the ruins.jpg
File:The plains.jpgFile:The wilds.jpgFile:Tilted Tunnel.jpg
File:Toad.jpgFile:Toad Circuit.pngFile:Toad Mario Party 8.jpg
File:Toad circuit map.jpgFile:Toadette Mario Party 8.jpgFile:Toon Link Attack.jpg
File:Toon Link Bow.jpgFile:Toon link brawl.jpgFile:Trio.jpg
File:Waluigi Mario Party 8.jpgFile:Wario.jpgFile:Wario Shipyard Layout.png
File:Wario Shipyard Map.pngFile:Wario brawl.jpgFile:Wendy.png
File:Wiggler.jpgFile:Wii Coconut Mall.pngFile:Wii Koopa Cape.png
File:Wii Maple Treeway.pngFile:Wii Mushroom Gorge.jpgFile:Wiki-background
File:Wiki-wordmark.pngFile:Wisdurm.jpgFile:Wolf Brawl.jpg
File:World.pngFile:World 1.pngFile:World 1 NSMB2.jpg
File:World 2.pngFile:World 3 NSMBW.jpgFile:Wuhu loop.jpg
File:Wuhu loop map.pngFile:Yi.jpgFile:Yi gameplay.png
File:Yoshi.jpgFile:Yoshi Hill.pngFile:Yoshi Mario Party 8.jpg
File:Zelda.jpgFile:Zelda Brawl.jpgFile:Zsb.jpg