Mario finale

Sonic the Hedgehog running from Mario's Mario Finale.

Mario Finale is the Final Smash Attack for Mario in Super Smash Bros. Brawl. This move is based on one of his Fire Flower moves in one of the Mario games.

Effects and MovesEdit

Mario must first grab the Smash Ball. Then as his eyes turn red and when he is on fire, he must press B (Every Style but Wii Remote) / 1 (Wii Remote Style Only). Then he will activate the Mario Finale. Whichever way he is facing, he will shoot the fire. As the fire keeps on going, the fire also expands.

Causes and DamageEdit

The damage depends on how long an opponent gets trapped in the fire. If the opponent is in fire since the beginning, the opponent gets 60% damage or more and will get KOd. Then, after the fire goes off the screen, the ground will be burning for about 5 more seconds. The screen becomes brighter after the fire is gone.