Mario Kart 8 is the eighth installment in the Mario Kart series. This game features anti-gravitation. It will be released sometime in 2014 for the Wii U. It is still currently in development.

Announced CharactersEdit

  • Mario
  • Luigi
  • Toad
  • Wario
  • Koopa
  • Peach
  • Daisy
  • Waluigi
  • Toadette
  • Bowser
  • Yoshi
  • Donkey Kong (DK)

Announced StagesEdit

New StagesEdit

  • Mario Circuit
  • A ruins stage
  • A desert stage
  • A haunted mansion stage
  • A stage with many cities

Retro StagesEdit

  • GCN Dry Dry Desert
  • 3DS Music Park
  • 3DS Piranha Plant Slide

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