Olimar and Captain Falcon overseeing Diddy Kong attacking the Subspace Army.

 Outside of the Ancient Ruins
is the Twentieth Stage of the Subspace Emissary Story. It is unlocked once the Second Part of The Research Facility is completed. It also starts a new story and continues an old story at the same time. After completing the Subspace Bomb Factory (Part 2), it cannot be played until The Great Maze is completed.



  • Captain Falcon
  • Captain Olimar & Pikmin
  • Diddy Kong
  • Donkey Kong

Story CharactersEdit

  • Captain Falcon
  • Captain Olimar & Pikmin
  • Diddy Kong
  • Donkey Kong
  • Falco
  • R.O.B. Sentry
  • Subspace Army


Enemies during FightingEdit

  • Auroros
  • Bombed
  • Gamyga
  • Metal Primid
  • Primid
  • Roader
  • R.O.B. Blaster
  • R.O.B. Launcher
  • R.O.B. Sentry
  • Scope Primid
  • Shaydas
  • Shellpod
  • Spaak
  • Sword Primid
  • Ticken
  • Trowlon
  • Towtow

Enemies during CutscenesEdit

  • Subspace Army

Enemy's WeaponsEdit

  • Prisoner Chains

First AppearanceEdit

  • Captain Falcon
  • Captain Olimar & Pikmin


A R.O.B. Sentry is sleeping near the Ancient Ruins on an island while Pikmins are dancing on him. The R.O.B. Sentry wakes up and attacks the Pikmin killing most of the Pikmins. The surviving Pikmins go to their leader, Captain Olimar. A Red Pikmin walks up to Olimar & tells him about the Blue Falcon. Olimar goes to look and sees a Blue Falcon heading toward the R.O.B. Sentry. Then, Captain Falcon jumps out of the Blue Falcon and attacks the R.O.B. Sentry destroying it. Captain Falcon accidentally kicks all of the Pikmin killing them all but the Red Pikmin who warned Olimar about the Blue Falcon. Olimar & Falcon go to investigate more of the island.

The Great Fox is hovering near the Speeder Ship where Donkey Kong is held captive. Falco releases Diddy out so he can land safely. Diddy hovers and takes out his Peanut Guns. He shoots all the Patrols on the Ship out and lands. He revives Donkey Kong who frees himself from the Prisoner Chains. Captain Olimar and Captain Falcon see this and they jump off the cliff. They successfully land on the Speeder Ship. Another set of Primid Patrols jump on the Speeder Ship and prepare to attack the 4 Heroes.

After defeating the set of patrols, the Captains watch as Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong dance until the Speeder Ship flies into the Isle of Ancients.

Previous Stage: The Research Facility (Part 2)

Next Stage: The Glacial Peak

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