Spin Attack Link

Link finishing his Spin Attack.

Toon Link Attack

Toon Link using his Spin Attack.

Spin Attack is the Up Special Move for Link and Toon Link in all 3 games.


Effects and MovesEdit

If Link is on the ground, he will do the Spin Attack on the ground. If he is in the air, he will jump again before he does the Spin Attack. He does 3 Spins fast. This technique is a good way to keep Opponents away.

Causes and DamagesEdit

Each Spin is about 10%. After he does the Spin Attack, the player cannot move for 1 second just for a short break. The Attack gives about 30% damage. The technique is a good way to learn how to Keep Opponents Away

Toon LinkEdit

Effects and MovesEdit

Like Link, if Toon Link is on the ground, he will do a Spin Attack there. If he is in the air, he will jump and do the Attack at the same time. He only does 2 Spins.

Causes and DamagesEdit

Unlike Link, his Spin is about 15%. He cannot move for 2 seconds just for a short break after the Attack. Like Link, the attack is only about 30% damage.

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