The plains

Ancient Minister fleeing after Mario and Pit fail to attack him.

The Plain
is the Fifth Stage of the Subspace Emissary Story. It is the Sequel to Skyworld. It can be unlocked once The Jungle is completed. After beating Entrance to Subspace, the stage cannot be played until Subspace (Part 1) is beaten. Completing this stage unlocks The Lake



Story Mode CharactersEdit

  • Ancient Minister
  • Mario
  • Pit


Enemies during FightingEdit

  • Borboras
  • Boom Primid
  • Feyesh
  • Fire Primid
  • Flame Jyk
  • Glunder
  • Poppant
  • Primid
  • Spaak
  • Ticken

Enemies during CutscenesEdit

  • Ancient Minister

Enemy's WeaponEdit

  • Subspace Bomb


Mario and Pit are trying to attack Ancient Minister's Subspace Bomb. Mario jumps but fails. Pit jumps on top of Mario's head but fails. The Ancient Minister escapes while Mario and Pit try to track him down.

Previous Stage: The Jungle

Next Stage: The Lake

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