World 3 NSMBW

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World 3 is the third world of New Super Mario Bros. Wii. This takes place on an ice mountain. The boss here is Lemmy Koopa. The mini-boss is an Ice Bro. This is the first world to introduce Ghost Houses. It is split into two sections. The cannon leads to World 6. This world is unlocked after World 2-Castle is completed.


  • Before World 3-1: After the Airship arrives at the Ice Mountain Tower, Lemmy is dropped off. The airship then heads for the Castle.
  • After World 3-Tower: After Lemmy is defeated, he will jump out of the Tower and head for the Castle where the Airship is.
  • After World 3-Castle: After Lemmy is defeated again, he will give up the key. Bowser, Jr. waits for the player to come and jumps off with Peach into the Airship and heads for the Ocean.


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World 3-CannonEdit

The Cannon is unlocked while finding the Secret Exit of World 3-Ghost House. It leads to World 6. It is located in the first section of the world.

World 3-Enemy CourseEdit

The Enemy is an Ice Bro. The objective is to get all 8 Toad Balloons without getting damaged by the Ice Bro. It is located in the first section of the world.